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I was really hoping to get the Lorac Pro Palette with my f&f discount! any idea when it would be back in stock? Thanks!


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I know I probably shouldn't say this... BUT there is a set at Ulta that has the Lorac Pro Palette, a liquid liner, and an eye primer for cheaper than the Lorac Pro Palette!


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Adding on to things that probably shouldn't be said, they are having their f&f tomorrow, I think, and there are codes being given out to select individuals or on various other sites.


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Hi Chellebean,


I checked our inventory and it looks like we should be getting more palettes at the end of the month or early November. I recommend signing up for an email notification if you have not already done so:

The discount is also only valid on in stock merchandise.


I hope that this helps!

<3 Melissa

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Hi Melissa,


has the Lorac Pro Palette been discontinued? I can't find it on the site at all-I am really hoping that it is just temporarily out of stock... 


Thank you!




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(0) Hearts Sephora won't be carrying Lorac anymore but you can still get the Lorac Pro at Ulta and Kohl's (assuming you're in the US, not sure about Canada). If you're near a JC Penney Sephora a lot of them still have Lorac products.


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This is great to hear! I've been waiting for this palette forever now 


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It is totally worth the wait 

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