Looking for a mystery moisturizer. PLEASE HELP: MY SKIN DEPENDS ON IT!
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Last month I went to Sephora to, among other things, look for a moisturizer that would actually work on my chronically dry skin.The good news is that I found one! The bad news is that I have no idea which moisturizer it is. I'm not sure if the woman who helped me mixed up the samples (she supposedly gave me one of First Aid Beauty, one of Hope in a Jar, and one of Take a Deep Breath) or if I did that myself, but somehow, something got mixed up. The sample I liked of those three was a light orange/peachy color and it did things for my skin that no moisturizer I've ever used in my entire life has. The sample she gave me was in a bag that said Hope in a Jar, so I bought Hope in a Jar online, but it is definitely not the same stuff. Does anyone have any idea what I got in my sample instead?

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Could it be First AId Beauty Restore Cream? Hope in a Jar is white and Take A Deep Breath is blue. 




This is the First AId Beauty Restore Cream, its like a peachy color. 




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The restore cream might be it? It's hard to tell from this picture, but it looks lighter than what I got. Mine was a pretty noticeably orange. Of the samples I got, one was white, one was a bluish-green, and one was the orangey-peach I'm looking for. I'm wondering if she accidentally gave me something from a different brand altogether.
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Yup the bluish green is the take a deep breath and the white is hope in the jar. Well hopefully you'll find it in store.
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