Looking for a great exfoliation treatment/peel!

Hey Beautiful Girls and Guys,


I am looking for a great peel of a sort that will really show a difference. I had gotten  sample of the exfolikate and I do like using it, it makes my face soft, the smell is nice, and I like how I feel it "working" as it tingles my skin. It is however pretty pricy, and other than softer skin and maybe a bit more of an even skin-tone, I didn't see anything drastic,even after second use!


I'm turning 23 and am starting to feel my skin changing. I have combo skin, and I am somewhat sensitive!


Soooo, please go ahead and enlighten me of some products you use!


(I've tried the clarisonic and wasn't a fan by the way!)


Thanks! xoxo

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Thanks everyone! I will try most of these I am sure, starting with one and working through them to find a favorite!


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Two products: Renee Rouleau's Mint Buffing Beads for mild physical exfoliation (love that it's very gentle and won't create tiny tears in the skin like scrubs with grains/granules) and/or Murad's Pomegranate Mask.  Murad's relies on chemicals to peel the dead stuff off, but it really is surprisingly gentle.  Their chemicals are fruit enzymes, so no worries about burning or your skin coming off in sheets like a "chemical peel".  Love both for diff reasons!

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I like the Philosophy peel.  Its not going to change your skin overnight, but over a few weeks of once a week use it does work well.  And its not overly harsh:





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Word of warning with the Brazilian peel is that the syringe full of product has two sides. One with the glycol if acid (30%) and the other with some kind of creamy substance. With the two boxes of this stuff I've bought both had a problem with the creamy side drying out and causing mayhem when you try to mix the product and apply it to your face. I've read a lot of reviews and it seems to be a common problem. 

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Dr. Gross' alpha/beta pads will give you glowing skin. I get so excited every time I use them. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Mia, I will look into those! :] 

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Hi Liveinlovexx-


I have used the Brazilian Peel several times and really love it! It warms up on your hand and you will feel a slight tingle once it has been applied to your faceSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

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Hi liveinlovexx,


My absolute favorite peel so far, is the Brazilian Peel.  Its a bit on the pricier side, I know, but the results were so fantastic!  I have combo skin & mildish acne, which the peel helped clear within a day or so.  I like to justify it as $20 or so per treatment, which makes me feel a lot better about buying it Smiley Happy

Brazilian Peel - Brazilian Peel™



Another great peel is the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel.  It's a 2 set process that I can really FEEL working!  The results I've had, have been great also Smiley Happy

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Face Peel



xo, Mia

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