Looking for Christmas gift ideas!

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What is the best make-up colors and brands for a teenager with porcelain pale skin, red hair, and blue eyes. She usually wears her make-up light and she likes easy and quick application make-up. She doesn't have any skin issues that I know of. I am new to this site and do not know a lot about make-up so all advice is appreciated. Thanks so much!


Re: Looking for Christmas gift ideas!

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I second the fresh lip balm sets -- they are great products and I'm sure she would love them!


Re: Looking for Christmas gift ideas!

She sounds gorgeous! Since she doesn't have skin issues, we can look at eye/lip makeup instead. For easy and quick applications, I would recommend eyeliner and tinted lip balms. A set is great so she has more choice and can experiment. Tarte is a great natural brand.


And fresh tinted lip balms are great, I know they look darker in the tube but it's much sheerer when you apply it:




And lastly, make sure she has a good makeup remover since dirty/leftover makeup is bad for skin. Good luck!

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