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HELLO LOVELYS! Okay, so what are some really good lip stains? I would like to start out with some drugstore brands to get to know it then move on up! Smiley Happy And with stains do you put on balm before or gloss after or what?? heheSmiley Happy thx


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I totally back Mia's suggestions! I really like Tarte's Lip Surgence Matte Lip Tints. They provide the lips with a light crushed berry hue. These are wonderful for rocking a very subtle lip with some color.


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I am on the hunt for the perfect lip stain perpetually....Lipstick doesn't stay on my lips well, and my lips are fairly colorless.  I love love love theBalm Stainiac in Prom Queen.  Shame on you Sephora for dropping this line!  However- it looks like just bitten lips.  I put it on under a lip gloss.  It has a beautiful effect under a lip plumper.  The best one to use is Smashbox O-Plump (I think that is the name...).  Looks very natural and lasting color...very pretty for summer or fresh faced looks.  


I also love Benefit Posie Tint.  Cute for day to day looks and even better on the cheeks!


Try Maybelline's lip stain...that was my first one.  I will say the better the stain- the higher the price.  Good luck though.  Let me know about any winners!


I have heard that MAC's lip stain is so good it doesn't come off til the next day.


Happy shopping!

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I agree, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable sticks are great. They have a balm and you don't need something separate; just reapply. They might dry down to a slightly different color, but they are nice. 


If you want a stain/balm combo that really stays put, look at the L'Oreal Infallable 24 hour lip color. It's in a sort of compact that has stain on one side (with a lip gloss style applicator) and a clear balm that you put on afterward. You may need to reapply the balm during the day, but you'll probably need waterproof makeup remover to get the stain off at night. (It says to use an oil based remover.)


I found the colors a bit hard to choose, so I was glad that CVS has a good return policy so that I could exchange for the right color. Same with some of the Revlon sticks, too. Look for swatches online if you can. 

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swfupload_6640667696149015509.jpgif you are looking for drugstore lip stains I would recommend the  REVLON "Just bitten kissable lip balm", they come in many different colors, you will have to re-apply them every once in a while (ex: after eating) but otherwise they stay on pretty well, plus they do give you shiny surface so you might not even need a balm with them. I normally do not use any balm when applying because I find the color sticks giving me enough moisture, but some times I do it anyways depending on how dry my lips are.














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lovelykatya knows what shes talking about! I have two of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms and LOVE them so far.


You also may want to try some of Benefit Cosmetics cheek and lip stains. I have Posie Tint (a light pink stain) and wear it all the time. Depending on the color you want they have Cha Cha Tint (sheer mango) and Benetint (rose/red stain. These are buildable and you can wear them under a lip balm or sheer lip gloss to give you the color you want. I suggest wearing the stains with a lip balm because they can be a little drying otherwise. Plus you can wear them on your cheeks too...very versatile. 

(Just a note, the Benefit stains are a little more expensive, but worth it. You can find smaller sizes in their kits so look around at some of those and you might find something you like. I haven't been disappointed with a Benefit kit yet.)

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Hi Graceann,


The new OCC Lip Tar Stained Glosses are exactly what you're looking for!!  I tried them out in the store the other day and the finish is absolutely fantastic.  Sometimes the Lip Tars can be a bit drying for some people, but the Stained Glosses didnt seem to have the effect Smiley Happy


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - Lip Tar - Stained Gloss


A few other great stains are the Stila Lip & Cheek Stain, Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Tarnish and the Sephora Collection Creamy Lip Stain.  All of them are fab!


Stila - Lip & Cheek Stain


Buxom - Buxom® Big & Healthy™ Lip Tarnish



xo, Mia

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