Large Pores, Oily but Dry Skin

Hello everyone.  I need help.  I am 21 with very strange skin.  I guess you would call it combination; it is very dry around the cheek areas and a bit on my forehead but it gets extremely oily throughout the day.  I have tiny bumps on my forehead that appear to be acne under my skin.  I do not really break out anywhere else, however, the bumps on my forehead do not clear up! I had my son 7 months ago so I understand that may have somethign to do with it.  They are so irritating, I have tried a MILLION products to clear them up and absolutely nothing has worked.  I've tried different cleansers, toners, masks, moisturizers.  But the problem is, it always feels dry even after moisturizer but then gets very oily.  


I also have very very very large pores around my nose and on my cheeks that seem to be so apparent.  I would really like a smooth complexion.  I have tried at least 10 different foundations; liquids, powders, loose, minerals.  I have tried endless primers, sprays, creams, etc.  Needless to say, I have spent quite a pretty penny trying to a) clear my face and b) hide my pores for my than 10 minutes after applying my face makeup.  Right now, I kinda skipped a lot of my products and have only been using a clay mask (3x week), a very light cleanser and moisturizer as my daily routine to see if my skin will tolerate that instead of other harsh products.  I am also limiting my foundation to just a tinted moisturizer and some powder but my cheeks are very red and I do love my full coverage at times.  

I just want minimized pores and a smooth complexion and for these darn bumps to get off my forehead!  Please help and thanks for taking the time to read this. 

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May I begin by saying, this is ALL WAY too familiar!!!  Smiley Happy  Fear not, help is on the horizon, and my advice and product suggestions really aren't that different from what some of the other ladies have mentioned....combined process of elimiation, we must be doing something right!!  Smiley Happy  I too have oil skin, but have learned that my skin can feel dry even though it looks shinier than the day is long.  This is caused by a lack of moisture balance.  Our skin is supposed to produce water and oil moisture, so us oily ladies feeling dry may seem crazy and strange and even impossible, but it comes down to, dear Watson!  Clinique is my savior as well, the cleanser for oily skin, clarifying 3 lotion and the moisturizing gel as my twice-a-day routine.  This balances my moisture issues, keeps my mores in line and helps clear blemish issues, (big, irritated ones on the cheeks and chin during 'the monthly,' and most commonly the forehead bumps).  Turnaround Concentrate syrum also treat and exfoliates, (and brightens!), and Moisture Surge spray gives me that much-craved water moisture mid-day when I'm looking like a grease-slick, but feeling like bark mulch.  Sorry for the looooong post -- hope this helps someone!! Smiley Happy

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