Lancome Star or Dior Black Out Mascara??

So, my question is on mascara. I've really long lashes, and I love making them more emphasized because they kinda "fall" lol. My FAVORITE mascara is Lancome Drama Mascara. I love the way it makes my lashes look. I have green eyes and sometimes all I want to do is wear mascara, but sometimes the Lancome Drama just doesn't look good by itself. Like i have to use eyeliner to really accentuate my green eyes. Anyway, I want to try a new mascara. Kylie Jenner uses Lancome Hypnose Star and her lashes always look amazing. But then, I've also heard great things about Dior Black out mascara. I'm not sure which to get swfupload_8246668972576670492.jpgor

swfupload_2225873972593018671.jpgI want my mascara to look like this.. or better ahaha

Eye makeup.jpg

It really brings out her eyes ^^

I want something that gives Drama&Volume





Re: Lancome Star or Dior Black Out Mascara??

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Hi Bianca, if you want to be able to wear the mascara just by itself with no eyeliner, then I would go with the DiorShow Black Out. It's supposed to have the blackest pigment in the mascara market, so it'll definitely make up for lack of eyeliner if needed!  I also recommend the Diorshow Extase Mascara if you like a dramatic lash.  Smiley Happy -Laura

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