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Katniss Everdeen Make-Up

I like how the make-up artists did Jennifer Lawrence's look for Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming adaptation of The Hunger Games and wanted to know how to replicate it for someone with tan skin with olive tones, brown eyes, and black-brown hair.




Thank you in advance!

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Hi Luckyrabbit,


This is such a beautiful lookSmiley Happy. Most of the colors used in this look are neutral and soft brown, which are colors that are very complementing to medium/olive skintones. The skin is light, not too much foundation. Even on the eyes and lips, there isn't much color, it really is a very balanced look. Meaning that there isn't just one feature of the face that is a focus. Here are some products I would recommend to recreate this look. Hope this helpsSmiley Happy




Sara B

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Velvet Matte Lip Pencil
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Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, $24

There is a color called Bahama, which is a mix of pink brown. And it is a Matte, which is just like the image.




LORAC Red Carpet Reveal Eye & Cheek Palette ($90 Value),

This Lorac palette is perfect. The brown tones are neutral but deep, so you can build the intensity of it, It also has a great highlighting color, which in the image you can see she has the highs of her cheeks and center of her face highlighted.


NARS Bronzing Powder


This is perfect to use for your cheeks. You can see in the image she has pretty defined cheek bones and lots of contour around the perimeter of her face. Using a bronzer to contour and use it as a blush is pretty much what they did with that look.




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I did my make-up to look like Katniss for the premiere of the Hunger Games, though my look had some cuts on my neck and face (who knew a $2 drugstore lipgloss would be PERFECT for fake blood?).  I used a very natural, light foundation (AHAVA's light foundation in CLAY--what a wonderful product!  Blends right into my skin no matter what season) and SEPHORA COLLECTION bronzer below my cheek bones.  I also put a light touch of it wherever sun would normally hit, like my nose and forehead.  Other than that, I put on very little make-up--just some light mascara (I have VERY long lashes, so it was very very lightly applied).  I put on a non-glossy chapstick to soften my lips, and actually put a lipstick on that was less vibrant than my natural lips, since my lips are naturally very pigmented.  Then I lightly filled in my brows with the SEPHORA COLLECTION eyebrow pencil.  Then, waste a thing of $2 lip gloss with cuts on my neck, cheeck and jawbone.  (Tip:  Before drawing in the cut with the gloss, put a small amount on the area of the "cut" and smear it around with your finger until it makes your skin look red and irritated.  Then apply the gloss--it makes it much more realistic and inflamed-looking.)

For the rest of my costume:  A plain olive-green shirt, khaki pants with a black belt, and knee-high black boots.  I put my hair in a traditional Katniss side braid, and looked myself with my bow and quiver (I actually do archery, so that was perfect).  The only thing that marred my look was my bangs that I was too lazy to get out of my face for the premiere.

Anyway, hope this helps (even if it is a bit late for the whole Hunger Games obsession time)!

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