I need help finding a shade match in Koh Gen Do Moisture foundation.

I really want to try the Koh Gen Do Moisture foundation but it's difficult to figure out which shade would match me.  Which shade matches most closely to NARS Sheer Glow in Deauville?  

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Hi Lechatonnnoir,

Based on your skintone and the shade that you wear in Nars, I suggest the shade OC-1. I hope that this helps!


<3 Melissa
Hi, Melissa. Thank you for the recommendation. I was actually looking for a match in the Moisture Foundation though, not the Aqua Foundation. Do you know which Moisture shade would work? I was considering 013, but I'm not sure how pink it will actually be. My skin is really pretty neutral, so I don't want to look too pink or too yellow.
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Hi Lechatonnoir. You picked the right color! I was looking at all of them and the 013 would be the best. The ochre shades will be too yellow for your skintone.
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Thank you so much :-)
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You are very welcome!
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