I'm new i need help

Best product for dark spot and dark circle and face moisturize, i'm lost with all these product pls


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Hi Ovaa48,


In terms of a great eye cream to help with dark circles, I highly recommend Philosophy's Miracle Worker Eye Cream. This eye cream will really help fade dark circles under the eyes and is very moisturizing. :smileyhappy:


In terms of a facial moisturizer, can you provide us with any more information regarding your skin? Are you dry, combination or oily? What products are you currently using? :smileyhappy: 


Re: I'm new i need help

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I love Shiseido's White Lucent anti-dark circle eye cream. I've tried various eye creams over the years & this by far is my favorite.   They also have an intensive spot targeting serum, which is currently OOS at Sephora.  Their entire White Lucent line targets dark spots.


Re: I'm new i need help

Do you have a Sephora/Ulta near you? I would maybe go in and request samples of a lot of the things these ladies are listing, as well as ask someone there for some samples.  A lot of it may be trial and error to see what works best with your skin.


Re: I'm new i need help

For dark circles under my eyes, I like Glamglow for eyes.  It burns a little when you first put it on.  If you can get past the burn, it works wonders.  You only need to wear it for 3 minutes, and I use one pod for both eyes rather than one each as suggested.  


On my dark spots, I like to use Dreamtone (shade 1 for fair skin, 2 for medium or 3 for dark) by Lancome.  I was using Bright Expert prior to that and find the new one works better.  My spots are still there, but they are definitely fading.


I agree that I would not recommend a moisturizer without knowing your skin type, because it is the most important thing you put on your face.  It needs to be just right for your skin.


Re: I'm new i need help

We'll need to know a bit more about your skin first.  Is it dry, oily, sensitive...?  Do you get breakouts?  What sort of age group are you in?

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