I'm looking for a new makeup remover for combination skin..help!

Would love some recommendations on good makeup remover that can be used for the entire face, eye makeup included.  I'm fairly lazy and having one product that removes impurities from the entire face would be most ideal. 


Thanks lovelies! Smiley Happy



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Ponds Cold Cream! Just rub it on your eyes/face and then wipe if off with a damp washcloth or cotton pad. your makeup will melt right off, even waterproof eye makeup. It's very inexpensive and since it's a cream, it lasts longer than liquid makeup remover. Not to mention you can buy it at any drugstore.

Ohhh I'm so intrigued now! I used to use...oh my gosh, brain **bleep**! Maybe it was a Lancome remover?? I can't even remember, but it was a lotion, which I liked better for my oily skin/lids because the oil type ones don't exactly help the cause, so I definitely have to look into this! I feel like I've seen Ponds cold cream but I don't know why I felt like when I read it, it was actually a moisturizer and not a makeup remover. Maybe there's both and I'm just confused...
Totally agree with you, albabyyy! Works like a charm for eye make-up.
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