I have mostly dry skin, but my forehead gets oily and breaks out a bit.

I have mostly dry skin, but my forehead gets oily and breaks out a bit. I really hate this! I usually wear limited makeup and only sometimes wear foundation. What products could I use to help this?

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Do you have a fringe/bangs or wear your hair across your forehead often?  It may be that your hair is trapping bacteria there or your hair styling products may be causing you to break out on the forehead. Just something to consider.


Melissa's suggestions of the PTR kit is a good option. Murad skincare also has a great acne line with some good trial kits.  They are very effective at treating acne (salicylic acid & glycolic acid like the PTR) but I think they are gentle enough that they won't dry out your mostly dry skin. 




Hi TeyaBerg,


Try using products with salicylic acid in them to help kill acne causing bacteria. I also highly recommend the Peter Thomas Roth acne line for you because, it also combines glycolic acid to help resurface the skin and helps with access sebum production.


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This set contains:
- 2 oz Beta Hydroxy Acid 2% Wash
- 1 oz Blemish Buffing Beads
- 0.5 oz AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel
- 0.25 oz Acne Spot and Area Treatment
- 0.25 oz. Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

<3 Melissa
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