I don't know what kind of makeup to wear to my Birthday Party.. Can you please help me? :)
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Okay, my 14th birthday party is in 27 days and i still don't know how i want/which makeup to use/choose on/for my birthday.. :/     The them is: Black Tie Event-- Black Tie (formal wear/attire) Event (Party) Smiley Happy and I just really need some help from you guys! I want to look: fresh, fun, girly, gorgeous, stunning, glitz and glam, glamorous, beautiful, pretty, and outstanding. I want them to have their jaws drop wide open, haha. If you could at least just take a minute and read + help me, I would really appreciate you guys(girls) and I need your girls' help. Thank you for taking your time and reading this Smiley Happy thank you

                                                                       <3, Mary

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I am also 14 so I can relate to your problem. I have an idea of a gorgeous look you can use for your party.

Face- use tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone and use luminizer to make your skin glowy and beautiful. Also use a nice concealer to hide under eye circles and minor acne or marks on your face. Also use a light pink blush to sculpt your face.

Eyes- use a sheer eye primer to make your eyeshadow last. Use a light shadow as a highlight, a shimmery silvery gray shade on your lid, and a very dark grey shade in your crease. Use a black eyeliner to create a cat eye. Also use a nice black mascara to finish your smoky eye. Don't make the look to dark or else it will make you look to mature and serious. You want to look fresh and fun.

Lips- use a light rosy pink lipgloss on your lips to even out the smoky eye look. It will pull your whole look together.

I hope this helped!

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