How would you diagnose my skin? Oily, combination, acne prone, all of the above?
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I am very acne prone. I wake up in the morning with lots of oil on my t-zone, upper lip area, and sometimes nose to cheek area.
I get redness on my skin from different types of cleansers. Sometimes if they contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, my skin will react to that. After I wash my face, my face becomes super dry and then it stings sometimes when I put on moisturizer. On some days, it's okay. 
I do not wear any form of make up on my face. I only wear eye primer and gel liner. 

What kind of skin is this? It's very frustrating. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on cleansers and moisterizers for my skin? Can I just get a list of products that can help reduce all of my problems?

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It sounds like you have sensitive skin! And you definitely don't want to let it stay dry, that only will trap the oils and make acne worse. You need a good moisturizer and cleanser combo for sensitive skin. I highly recommend First Aid Beauty products, they're effective and on the lower cost end of high end brands. 


My skin is dry and sensitive and this is some of the only stuff I can use.

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