How to stop my eyeliner smudging?

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SO I've always had this problem. I've gotten the Nars smudge proof eyeshadow primer which helps my eyeshadows like no other,  and I got the black Sephora eyeliner brand. And it smudges a lot. Even if I have the nars stuff under my eyes. and if I tightline my top waterline, it falls to the bottom. I've also tried setting it with black eyeshadow. What do I do to stop this? This also happens on my top eyelash line. It's so annoying. 

Please help! THanks Smiley Happy

(I've also tried with the waterproof sephora line eyeliner

Re: How to stop my eyeliner smudging?

Hi Eliza94,


Smudgy eyeliner drives me nuts!  I would suggest trying the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner for tight lining and your waterline.  keep setting it with a black shadow, as you have been, to ensure staying power Smiley Happy Also, make sure you are giving the liner some time to set & dry by keeping your eyes open as long as possible to avoid transfer to your lower lash line .



I would try outlining the lower eyeliner with concealer, to create a barrier to stop the liner from moving Smiley Wink  Hope that helps!


xo, Mia

Re: How to stop my eyeliner smudging?

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I have oily lids and that has always been one of my issues as well. I've tried tons of liquid liners; sephora, lancome, urban decay, stila stay all day, and now MUFE aqua liner, and finally I've found my way out! 


1-I use UD matte eye lid primer, just a tiny dot on each lid will do and then rub it in. don't dab too much as it will make your lids look really pale

2-Apply your eyeshadow makeup as you like 

3-This step is optional, I like to use smashbox limitless eyeliner in FIG for layering

4-HERE is the magic---> gel liner before liquid liner. I've started doing so and my eyes doesn't look like a raccoon anymore. goodluck !

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