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How to define eyes when eyeliner looks too hard
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Hi pudd, 


My tips have already been said but I've always used grey or taupe liners for my clients who didn't want super harsh coloring or darkness to their liner. 


Try also using soft shadows or smudgey jumbo crayons that let you diffuse the colors and make the pigment less intense.



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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There are a number of ways to make eyeliner look less harsh- try using brown or grey rather than black. Line really close to lashes with a skinny line, the idea being to just make your lash line look filled in, not to see an actual dark line. Also, after you line your eyes, before the liner has time to set, go over the edge with a foam brush or Q-tip to soften the line.

If you really don't want to use liner, then use a neutral color of eyeshadow, Urban Decay's NAKED palette is perfect for this. Experiment with different shades to see which give your eyes definition without being "too much". Put on 2 coats of mascara so your lashes show up, and you're done!

Hope this helps!

Hi!  Prettyinpa gave you some great suggestions.  If you've already tried using brown eyeliner and still think it looks too harsh, try a brown eyeshadow.  Using an angled or flat eyeliner brush, place the color right at the lashline, and pull it up a little towards the lid when you apply it. This way you're blending the color as you apply it, and are creating a softer line that looks more natural.  You can even go over your lashline with a clean blending brush to blend the color out even more.


Hope this helps!


Great tips thrown out so far! Smiley Very Happy


Try Stash (olive), Boubon (chocolate brown with a hint of golden shimmer, no worries, it's not a chunky glitter), and Underground (soft brown/taupe) from Urban Decay for something more subtle.


Those liners are creamy and soft, making them easy to work with, smudge, and blend down.

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