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How do I get long lasting perfect red lips without using a longwear formula?
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I'm on a dance team and part of our uniform is red lips and smokey eyes. I'm pretty confident in my smokey eyes but the part I need help with are the red lips. We're out for hours on end, at football games and various sports as well as parades and I need to be able to do my makeup once and not have to redo it. Usually for a game, if I don't drink anything and I don't talk much then my lips will stay for the night, but that happens only very very rarely. So I either end up with no color in my center of my lips and just a red line around them or I look in the mirror and there's red smearness on my rather light skin. I don't want to use a long wear time of lipstick or stain either, mostly because I don't have one and I don't have money to buy some. I do have red lipstick and a generic red lip pencil.  Please is there anything I can do with my poor materials to keep my color perfect and long lasting?


P.S.. My lips tend to be dry and kinda cracky

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I would suggest for the longest wear you could use Make Up For Ever Lifeline in 8C and apply all over the lip and let dry for at least 45 seconds. This is a waterproof formula and will stay on extremely well if you let it dry before applying the lipstick. After applying the lip liner then I would suggest you use Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge red lipstick. It is a beautiful perfect red that has just the right amount of a blue and orange base. As far as your products that you do have, I would use concealer and powder all over your lips and then apply your liner and then lipstick. By prepping your lips this way it will add longevity to your lip liner and lipstick. Hope this helps,




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