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How do I get long lasting perfect red lips without using a longwear formula?
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I'm on a dance team and part of our uniform is red lips and smokey eyes. I'm pretty confident in my smokey eyes but the part I need help with are the red lips. We're out for hours on end, at football games and various sports as well as parades and I need to be able to do my makeup once and not have to redo it. Usually for a game, if I don't drink anything and I don't talk much then my lips will stay for the night, but that happens only very very rarely. So I either end up with no color in my center of my lips and just a red line around them or I look in the mirror and there's red smearness on my rather light skin. I don't want to use a long wear time of lipstick or stain either, mostly because I don't have one and I don't have money to buy some. I do have red lipstick and a generic red lip pencil.  Please is there anything I can do with my poor materials to keep my color perfect and long lasting?


P.S.. My lips tend to be dry and kinda cracky

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