How can I straighten out my eyelashes?
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Over about the last year, my eyelashes on only one eye, have started growing sideways.  Can you give me any advice on how to straighten them--either a trick to try or a product to buy?  I can't think of any reason why this has happened, and plain mascara doesn't seem to help. 

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This could be caused from sleeping face down- do you happen to sleep on this side of your face?  


Since mascara alone isn't helping, make sure you wash your face with a cleanser and rinse with water every morning after you wake up.  The water on your eyes will help to reposition your lashes.


You may also want to try a conditioning primer or treatment and comb your lashes in the direction you want them to go.  It may take a little while for them to cooperate, but be patient.  One that might work is Talika Eye Lash Lipocils (it goes on like a clear mascara and works great underneath mascara).


Lastly, if you can sleep on your back, then try that.  If you are like me and only sleep well on your stomach, then try to position your face so that your eyelashes do not touch the pillow.  I try to use the edge of the pillow so my eyes actually don't touch the pillow at all- just the side of my face and head.


It may sound silly but give it a try and see if that works. 





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I don't know why or anything to fix it but using lots of mascara to force it in place, but I have the same thing one my left eye which I don't sleep on, weird!

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