How can I keep my eyeshadow from sticking to my eyeliner?

the benefit stay put primer is doing NOTHING for me and I just ordered the too faced shadow insurance and I hope that will help. I'm just disappointed that my eyeshadow sticks to my eyeliner and therefore, my line isn't as bold and it's being masked by the eyeshadow. This happens because my eyeshadow touches my eyeliner because I draw a think line. What can I do?

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Hi sunrays, 


You are applying your eyeliner as the last step before your eyeshadows right? This is the best way (and best tip I ever received) to keeping my own liners bold and bright. Sometimes I will do the water line first, apply my waterproof eye primer, then follow up with my eyeshadow and more liner as the last step before mascara. 


If you don't already, try doing those steps and see how your liner holds up. Also, make sure your primer is a bit more of a wet or creamy formula that really picks up and holds your eyeshadows in place. Smiley Happy


I also second the suggestion of a makeup setting spray or mist. I use the Kat Von D Lock n Load and it's fantastic for an all day setting. 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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