Help with Clarisonic use!

Are the Clarisonic and cleanser supposed to create suds? Are you supposed to wash your face before using the Clarisonic?  I don't think  all of my make up is coming off.  Am I doing something wrong?


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I don't find much sudsing going on even using a foamy cleanser if I am using my Clarisonic. I think all the sonic action breaks up the bubbles.

If you give your face a wipe with a makeup removing cloth before you use your Clarisonic, it will get off the makeup that would otherwise get smudged around your face. Plus some cleansers aren't really up to the job of makeup removal, they are more for oil and regular dirt cleansing. So you may be right, you aren't getting off all your makeup with a cleanser plus the Clarisonic. Yes to Cucumbers is a good makeup removing wipe, they are available at drugstores, you don't have to get the really expensive wipes, either.


Hope this helps.

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