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Help my shiny nose! :)

I need something, ANYTHING to fix my shiny/oily nose problem! I moisturize(using Murad oil control), prime (too faced), use foundation (Smashbox) and use a finishing powder (Tarte) and no matter what, mid-day I have a shiny nose. I have no other skin concerns, so any suggestions-whether it be a skin care product or a make-up product-I'm willing to try anything! Thanks for your help Smiley Happy

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Two suggestions, both Urban Decay: UDDeSlick.jpgUDde-slick spray.jpg

I use both of these personally. The top item is UD De-Slick Mattifying Powder, the bottom is UD De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray. The spray you would apply underneath of makeup (I usually use before primer) and then again after your face makeup is done (BEFORE mascara though, especially if it isn't waterproof). The powder I use as a very last step on my t-zone, and areas that get oily!

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My favourite (and one of the top rated, on MakeupAlley, mattifying powders) is Rimmel's. It lasts forever and is absolutely amazing. You can also continue to use a blotting tissue through the powder without having to reapply.

It's also super super cheap. If you have a Wal*Mart nearby, another top rated mattifying powder is Hard Candy's, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere, personally Smiley Sad


Ahhh I too have an oil control problem.... I use a mattifying primer (shesedo) a matt foundation (nars) Tart setting powder and UD De Slick setting spray and still 2 hrs later it looks like I didn't take any preventative measures to stop this from happening UGH sooo frustrating. Some days its not as bad as others but still all that work in the mornings to keep the oil at bay and you would never know grrrrrr...


I used to have issues with controlling oil on my face throughout the day.  I would use pwders, primers, etc. and they would help, but they wouldn;t keep my sking matte all day.  I finally started trying different foundations, and realized that was the problem.  I now use Estee Lauder Double Wear and my skin stays matte all day.  I'm sure Sephora has other foundations that might help control the oil.  Get some samples and see if it helps!


Apply a mattifying primer also and that will help control some of the oil also. Givenchy's Mister Mat is a top pick. Hope this helps!


Hi stuntdouble,


I 100% agree with crayzee's suggestions! Both of those urban decay products do such a wonderful job of keeping oil at bay. 

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