Help my face is sagging, Sagging eye bags, and my cheeks / jowls

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On a budget what is the best skin care I can buy or splurge on to treat sagging skin, saggy bags under my eyes, saggy checks/ jowls. I do some fine lines but nothing in the way of actual wrinkles. I'm 38 but I've always been lucky since even in my mid 30s friends and former co workers 11yrs younger then me have been asked if I'm their little sister. My face is extremely well moisturized, and while yes I believe age is part of the problem I think the fact in the last three years I went from 269lbs to 121 back finally to 133lbs, and thankfully holding that. I'm quite healthy and I have a good diet supplements included. I get plenty of exercise thanks to my full time volunteer job. My volunteer job is also why I don't bother with make up that much. Why waste the good stuff on the dogs I work with every day?


Any way I would appreciate some suggestions on what to look at. While I don't have tons of money to splurge on things that I would use up in rapid time I don't mind and can afford pricier things if I only need to get it maybe every 3-6 months. I rather pay for quality of quality especially when my money flow increases. Still if I can get the same results for less I'd be happier to take that rout. Any way all advice is supper appreciated.


Thank you tons for your input and time.

Re: Help my face is sagging, Sagging eye bags, and my cheeks / jowls

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Congrats on the weight loss! You must've worked really hard, you should be so proud!! I'm glad to hear you're at a comfortable weight and are happy with yourself. That's the most important part.

As for your skin, I'm not sure how "dramatic" the sagging actually is. If it's not too terrible, I'd recommend Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum. You can really feel it tighten the skin. It gives elasticity while tightening - just sort of putting the skin back where it goes.

However, if the sagging is more prevalent, I don't think any simple products will get you back to where you want to be.


Re: Help my face is sagging, Sagging eye bags, and my cheeks / jowls

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Thanks for your quick reply and I really appreciate the list you gave me thank you. Are there any of those products you prefer or have tried personally?

As for what I am using it's a mix of things I've been trying different brands in the last couple of years. Moisturizer wise it's CeraVe (my dermatologist suggested it.) other then that the brands I tried are Neutrogena rapid winkle repair, Olay Regenerist, Roc, and now I'm on to trying Derma silk. Mostly because there's no high end stores or even a mall with in a 30 min drive of where I am though it's defiantly worth the trip for something that works.

Do you find any of those listed to focus mostly of getting rid of the sagging skin? It's what really bothers me the most way more then the fine lines and while I don't want to ignore the fine lines and impending wrinkles I still rather focus on something that will be more aggressive with the sagging and lack of firmness. Which makes it very frustrating looking for a product since almost everything I find is geared at fine lines and wrinkles. As odd as it sounds I'm really new to the whole anti aging products.

Re: Help my face is sagging, Sagging eye bags, and my cheeks / jowls

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Raven, first congratulations on your transformation. It sounds like what you are describing is loose skin, rather than wrinkles or fine lines. The topical stuff with retinoids such as listed below, or a prescription for retin-A can help with fine lines. Larger wrinkles or loose skin aren't likely to change with anything that you can apply to your skin. That's buy the ads and marketing for these products don't talk about treating sagging skin. The reason for this is that the tissue under your skin may be stretched. I think that laser treatments can help, so you may want to consult with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who specializes in laser treatments (fraxel I think). I am a few years older than you and can see in the last couple of years that my skin is droopier even though I hardly have any wrinkles and have used retin-a for the past 15 years. 

Re: Help my face is sagging, Sagging eye bags, and my cheeks / jowls

Since you state that your face is extremely (??) well moisturized, I assume that you in general give your skin what it needs.


What I would add is a good retinol product to use at bedtime, underneath your regular night cream. I don't know which brand or type of skincare products you use. Moisturizers that contain peptides are also very beneficial when it comes to skin that starts loosing its firmness.


Anti-aging products are the big money makers in the beauty industry, so buyer beware. If every product would really do what their creators are promising, we'd have only young-looking and beautiful people on planet earth. That is obviously not the case...


Here are a few products that I would recommend because they do not contain harmful ingredients, tons of fragrance, or simply have a price tag that is completely unjustified by the quality of the product:


Concentrated Reconstructing Serum

Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil


Extra Repair Serum

Intensive Skin Supplement

Flawless Skin Repair Serum

Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum

Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector


The last product I have been using myself, and I am quite happy so far. All of the MIRACLE SKIN TRANSFORMER products I have used I am quite impressed with. The prices are pretty decent.

All of the products I have listed are under $100. I hope you will find one that you like and that improves your skin.


Good luck.

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