Help With Foundation For Oily Skin!


I have combination-oily skin. I get shiny and oil in my T-Zone and chin while my cheeks usually stay pretty dry. For a couple years now, I have been using  Clinique's Acne Solutions foundation. I find it doesn't blend as well as I would like and am still oily throughout the day (I do use blotting sheets for excess oil).


I just bought NARS Sheer Matte foundation and their oil-free primer but am not noticing any sort of difference in the appearnace/shininess/oil on my face. I think it actually may be worse. By noon it still looks shinny and I have to blot it. I also use MUFU HD Microfine powder and find when I am put my makeup on the morning this does give me the velvetie feel I want...but again by noon its all lost.


Does anyone in the beauty world have any recommendations? I open to trying almost anything (night lotion, foundation, primer, etc.) to help control the oil and shine. I would like to not have to worry about blotting my face throughout the day

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