Halloween make up!

I'm going to a halloween party this weekend and my costume is a panda bear. I really wanted to do something really pretty with a solid black shadow color but without it looking trashy.  And I would love a little sparkle to it as well! Any tips? I'm 19, and have big blue eyes. Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween make up!

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Hi Quinnsters24, What a cute costume idea!  A makeup look like this would be cute!





I suggest using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to draw on all the black parts. For shimmer, you could use Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Opal on your brow bone, upper lip, and maybe down the bridge of your nose.  Happy Halloween!  : ) -Laura


KVD Tattoo Liner.jpgStila Jewel Eye Shadow.jpg

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