Hair styler suggestion?

Hi everyone! I hoped you guys could suggest which hair styling tool I should get. I wanted to shape my bangs, straighten and shine a bit, and ideally have curling options. I thought about GHD but read the heat setting might be too high. Please help! Thanks!



Re: Hair styler suggestion?

Hi Tomboyjess,

I agree that a flat iron is the best way to go. They can straighten, curl, and add shine. Since it is for your bangs, you should go for a smaller plate. I suggest the T3 Luminous 1" Tourmaline Flat Iron or one of the Amika Mighty Mini Stylers that Lylysa suggested.

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Re: Hair styler suggestion?

Depending on the length of your bangs and the range in curl you want, you might want to check out a 1/2 inch flat iron.


Mighty Mini Very Cherry StylerMighty Mini Ceramic Styler


Amika makes two variations (color and bag are the factors that are different). The smaller plates allow you to work closer to the root to minimize the "bump" a larger plate may cause during the initial clamp when getting as close as possible to the base of strands; however, both models don't have adjustable temperature controls and heat up to 400 degrees. Even with a thermal protectant, if you're looking for something to specifically for bangs, this may be too much in terms of the temperature.


If you're more concerned over wanting something with adjustable temperature control rather than a smaller flat iron, I would suggest checking into brands like T3, Croc (not sold at Sephora), and Babybliss (not sold at Sephora). Check out the site Folica, it's packed with detailed product summaries and tons of reviews, it's like the Sephora website-equivalent for hair based items.

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