Hair Will Not Hold Curl. I Need Advice and Tips. What I Should Do.

 I have tried everything to get my hair to curl. I use hot rollers, because I just can't use a curling iron... lol
 I have tried soo many hair products, mousse, smoothing milks, serums, heat spray, etc. I really don't think that there is anything else for me to buy, nothing works. I have also tried not using any hair products, but that doesn't work either.
 My hair doesn't hardly have any curl when I take out the curlers. I try to style it, then spray it with hair spray, and within an hour, my hair looks horrible!
 Please give me some tips and advice on what I should use on my hair.
I have long straight, thin to normal hair,  and I don't dye my hair or use any chemicles.

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Hi glamorousroyal,


This is going to sound a bit off-the-wall but try using Bumble & bumble Sumotech. It does feel super sticky at first but when it dries it has no texture. I swear this WILL hold your curl--go get a sample and put it to the test! Curl your hair and then apply...viola!


Bumble and bumble - Sumotech 

Hope this works magic on your 'do! xo Smiley Happy

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