HELP MEE!! I need the best eye depuffer..

I'm only 13 but everyday when I wake up my eyes are so puffy. I've tried the chilled spoon and putting a cold rag on my eyes but nothing has worked so I was wondering if theres a product that can do that. Its my eyelids that are super puffy.

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Hi makeupbaby220. I recommend our Sephora Collection Instant Depuffing Roll On Gel.  This gel is extremely lightweight and great for sensitive skin while addressing puffiness and deeply hydrating the undereye area.




Quick tip: Place this in your refrigerator so when you apply this gel to your undereye area, it's immediately refreshed.


I hope this helps!






You might want to try taking an antihistamine, when my allergies are acting up, I wake up with puffy eyes and no amount of product is going to reduce the bloaty look. I have a dust allergy so if it's dry out or I vacuum too close to bedtime, I wake up puffy.

This one sounds mean, but give it a try. If you have a pet that sleeps with you, change your sheets, wash your blanket and ask the pet to sleep elsewhere. See if this works, I know it seems hard hearted, but my dog is quite content to sleep in his bed at the foot of my bed. I bought him a really cushy thick bed and put his stuffed toys in it and sleeps happily.

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