HACing for fair skin?

As sad and unfortunate as it may sound, I have just recently began HACing. Ever since then I have been reconsidering all my face make up choices. I have very fair/prcelein like skin. I am cool toned and have sensitive, normal (slight combination) skin with some redness. I have some acne issues, but I think it may have a lot to do with my past make up choices.


Typically I like a clean matte look with a dewy sheen for the cheeks. I don't go too bold with my makeup, I want to achieve the natural silky soft skin look, especially since I wear a subtle smokey eye for everyday (I constantly am complimented on my eye makeup).


My question:

What are some suggestions for good foundations, blush, highlighter, and contouring powders?


(Recently I have been looking into NARS Orgasm blush and NYX Taupe or NARS Laguna for my contouring. I am completely clueless for the best foundation and highlighter choices. )

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