Good & cheap products (on a budget)

I'm fourteen and since I don't really have that much money, I'm trying to find good products that are more in my budget. My max for each product would be 30-40 depending on what it is. I consider myself sort of a medium beige by the way. Here's a list of the types of products I would like...

•Black Eyeliner (pencil please)
• Mascara
•Eye Shadow Palettes

I would like a nice summery glow . I was wondering if foundation and primer should be used? My skin is pretty normal & just a couple pimples pop up on occasion. Do I even need it?

What brushes should I even use? (quality drugstore brushes and what product to use them for please) I have no idea what they do or what to use on them! I know they can cost an arm and a leg, but I'm not trying to make it look professional but I don't want to look like a hot mess.

Sorry so many questions! I really have no idea where to start and I'm hoping someone could help.

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My best tip of advice is to watch Beauty Broadcast on youtube!


When I was your age I never wore bronzer or highlighter, but two inexpensive options are NYC Sunny (bronzer) and Wet and Wild Reserve Your Cabana (highlighter) - both recommendations from Beauty Broadcast - both only a few dollars.


If you only spend a few dollars on something and don't love it or use it as much as you thought, you won't be as sad to waste it. OR, if you do love it, you can always repurchase a "better" high end product or just more variation and some high end products.


NYX eyeshadow palettes are inexpensive and pretty good quality. Caviar & Bubbles/Champagne (I've seen both names) is a nice palette that has a range of colors but is more neutral, so if you're new to makeup it gives you a good place to start.


Elf blushes are inexpensive and actually have decent pigment. Smiley Happy I also like NYX blush.


I don't use black pencil eyeliner (I like liquid), so I can't help you there....


I will say that with mascara, I have had a hard time finding a drugstore brand that I love. I have tried tons, from both the drugstore and high end. I think that the one I like best from the drugstore, thought, is the Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black.


As for drugstore lip products (I know you didn't ask), that is another place I also prefer high end much more. But it's fun to experiment with drug store lippies! Smiley Happy

Re: Good & cheap products (on a budget)

Hey since I'm your age I'll give you some of my advice I learned.

  • You don't need all high end the drugstore makeup can be just as good and for less of a price.
  • Experiment with makeup in your spare time, it helps you gain experience.
  • Everyone has different styles,if you want to look natural that's your thing,but not everyone does and you need to respect that. 
  • Skin care is really important.

Now time for suggestions:

  • A good bronzer is NYC sunny like many have mentioned.
  • I have issues with eyeliner since my eyes are weird so I went high end and use Clinique's eyeliner it doesn't smudge for me at all.
  • Mascara is something you shouldn't spend tons on, you need to throw it out often Maybelline makes good mascaras for around 6 dollars.
  • ELF studio blushes is what i use,they are cheap and look nice.
  • Highlighter I don't really use often, so I don't really have a suggestion.
  • Eye shadow palettes are tricky at times since you seem to be going for a natural look I suggest either investing in one neutral palette that works for you and if you want color a cheaper eye shadow brand with decent pigmentation is Wet and Wild.
  • ELF studio brushes, real techniques and Eco tools are cheap and work nicely.


Now if you want to wear foundation, I suggest asking female family members since they are related they might have a better idea of what is good for you. Also if you wear products like foundation and powder make sure you have a good skin care routine. I suggest ponds as a brand in general, the cold cream is a good makeup remover, it removes heavy stage makeup with ease and normal makeup super fast, along with their moisturizers.


Re: Good & cheap products (on a budget)

When I was your age (and really, I still give this advice to anyone in your age range), my go-to was Clinique.  Most of their colors are natural and light- totally age appropriate.  Plus, the pricepoint is perfect for someone in their teens (< $20 per product, mostly).

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While I agree with everyone not to overdo it with makeup at your age, I was getting into makeup at your age, and it's a great time to have fun and explore your style.


Foundation is probably pretty unnecessary, maybe just have a little concealer on hand for the occasional pimple. Hard Candy's Glamouflage concealer is a great concealer for a great price.


Look into all the little value sets to help build your collection and test out products. Benefit has some great little sets with their luminizers (High Beam, Sun Beam), stains (benetint, posie tint) and blushes/bronzers. This will help keep cost down, and the sizes are smaller so if something doesn't work it's not a huge loss.


I know most people like to stick with black eyeliner, but a dark brown can also be very flattering and a little softer look. Check out Sephora Collection for some nice, cheap liners. I would also recommend staying away from lining your whole eye heavily. If you want to wear eyeliner try sticking to softly lining the upper lashline.


For eyeshadows, Wet'n'Wild makes some really great shadows for a great price.Or you could also invest in a large value set that contains many shades to try out, this way you save money by not buying shadows individually and you can find out what looks good on you and what you like. And you don't waste money on that pretty teal shadow that looked gorgeous in store but you will never wear (I'm sure most of us have done this....UD flipside anyone?). At your age I would stick to lighter, shimmery shades like peach, pink or light purple, it's pretty without being super heavy for your age.


For mascara, I like Clinique's, they tend to be fairly natural-looking and decently priced. you could also try Covergirl, although I'm personally not a fan, the majority of other people like it so it could be a great option for you.


I'm a little surprised you didn't mention anything for the lips, when I was your age I was obsessed with lipgloss (maybe that was just me?).


Either way you are beautiful with and without makeup, and have fun with it!

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Thanks so much for the suggestions! I actually have most of the items I asked for I was just wondering about some cheaper options. Also, is the naked palette worth it? I have a huge sephora kit full of all different colors of eyeshadows, but I use more neutral colors because I like smokey eyes. I didn't ask about the lips because I usually stick to my mac colors. 

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Oh okay. If you have one of those large kits, I think you should be fine without the naked palette. While it is a great staple to have, you can definitely do without it if you have other neutral shades.

Re: Good &amp; cheap products (on a budget)

What a fun time for you!  I remember when I first started experimenting... I wouldn't go to for a full on smokey eye or heavy on the foundation, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of glow Smiley Happy  You should check out the Benefit line, as they have a couple of really great starter sets & trial sizes.  


Benefit Cosmetics - How To Look The Best At EverythingBenefit Cosmetics - Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek KitBenefit Cosmetics - Do The Bright Thing


Each kit has a little something special to it for different areas.  The 1st is a face/complexion set, the second is more geared toward adding glow and the 3rd is an all around set.  Good luck & have fun!


xo, Mia

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Aww, this kit is so cute! Thanks so much Mia! xoxo, Kelly



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I think I posted in your other question thread, but I'm not sure which one you're checking, so I'll repost it here. (:


I remember when I was first starting out with makeup and was on a really tight budget, and I was so sad that everything was super expensive! ): To be honest, I think for most of the products you're looking for, you could probably go drugstore instead of high-end because the quality won't make THAT much of a difference.


Bronzer: NYC Sunny or Revlon Photoready
Both of these have really good pigmentation, but you might need a heavier hand with the NYC one because it's a little light for medium beige. I think both of these come in alternate colors though, so you should definitely go to CVS or Walgreens and check them out. Plus they're both super affordable, especially compared to the products sold at Sephora or in department stores.


Pencil Eyeliner: Milani Liquif'eye in Black (or Brown for a more natural look)
Super affordable, really good quality. The only thing I would caution with this is that it's a cool-toned black and can look a little harsh, but with medium beige skintone I think it'll be fine.


Mascara: This honestly depends on what you're looking for in a mascara. If you save on other products and go drugstore, I think you could go high-end with this (personally I haven't loved any drugstore mascaras and I'm a mascara junkie, so I've tried a lot). I really like Korres Volcanic for volume and curl. It makes my straight, short lashes seem so much better than they actually are. Benefit's They're Real is also pretty good, and I find that it doesn't dry as quickly as the Korres.


Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (high-end) or Wet n Wild rectangular pan blushes (drugstore) or ELF Studio Blushes
The Wet n Wild blushes are super duper affordable (I think they're like $2.99 each?) and the pigmentation is good, although I think their shade range is a little boring. The ELF Studio Blushes are 3$ each as well and the pigmentation is also pretty good, although I find the chunky glitter and shimmer a little frustrating sometimes. The Tarte blushes are great, but much less affordable. I personally love Exposed; it's such a beautiful nude and shows up on any skintone for a natural flush.


Eyeshadow: Depending on what and how many colors you're looking for, this is really broad. You can try the Lorac Pro Palette for mattes and shimmers, although it is pretty pricey. I personally think that you could go drugstore with eyeshadows, just you might have to buy a few more palettes because they're generally smaller than Sephora's. The Wet n Wild palettes are generally good; they usually have mostly pigmented colors and a few that are slightly chalky, but for the price point you can't really go wrong. If you live close to a Walgreens, you can check out the Fergie Limited Edition eyeshadow palettes. I really like Desert Festival. The colors in there are perfect for summer, and I know that orange looks scary, but it's absolutely gorgeous as a sheer wash of lid color or to add dimension to the crease.

If you have normal skin and don't have to combat oil or large pores, I'd say you could probably skip the primer. Just make sure to find a foundation that doesn't make your skin oily and slide off within a couple hours.


For foundation, I would suggest going high-end since it is your skin and I really think the difference is apparent in drugstore vs. department store skin products. If you like liquid foundation and natural coverage, I'd go with Makeup Forever's HD Foundation or Urban Decay Naked Skin. If you're looking for foundation that will stay on and control oil, I love Hourglass Immaculate, but since your skin is normal, you could try the other Hourglass foundation that isn't geared towards oily skin. The only thing is that Hourglass Immaculate dries down to a powdery finish so it can eliminate the need for a setting powder afterwards.


Brushes! Oh my gosh, I am always so frustrated by how much brushes cost. I recommend looking into the ELF Studio line. Not all the brushes are good, but I personally really like the Studio Powder Brush (the flat-top one). This one you can use for buffing in liquid foundation (but don't press too hard because it's not that dense and can suck up the product) or for more coverage for a setting powder. The Complexion Brush is good for powder or even blush/bronzer, depending on how big an area you want to cover (it's pretty big). Their eyeliner brushes are generally pretty good, although I really dislike the Eyeshadow C Brush. I know a lot of people really love that one, but I find it prickly and rough against my eyelids. I'd also recommend staying way from the non-Studio line; I've used three or four brushes from there and hated them all except for the blending brush, which is okay but sheds like crazy.


Another drugstore brand you can find at Ulta or CVS is EcoTools, and they make pretty good brushes across the board. I like their small Kabuki, as well as their concealer brush. Sonia Kashuk at Target also makes pretty good brushes, but hers are on the pricier side. I've also found this one brand of brushes at WalMart that I absolutely love, but they don't have an actual brand on the package.. they come in a blue-blacked package with black and silver handles though. Their face brushes are also really great (again, no package name.. weird, I know).


Oh, and you might want to look into an eyeshadow primer if your lids are prone to creasing. For a really inexpensive option, the ELF Essential Eyelid Primer actually works really well!

Hope this helped. (:

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I just read some of the other replies, and I definitely agree that you don't have to worry about wearing that much makeup right now. But if you do want to, that's definitely your choice, just remember that you are lovely the way you are and taking care of your skin right now is the most important thing. (: 


If your skin doesn't need a lot of coverage, I agree that you could look into tinted moisturizers or even BB creams. Laura Mercier makes a really good tinted moisturizer and the BB creams have SPF in them which can protect your skin against sun damage (make sure to wear sunscreen if you're wearing a foundation or powder without SPF in it too!). 

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Thanks for telling me all this information! To be honest I'll probably splurge on certain products because I don't really trust drugstores except with brushes. You really helped! xoxo, Kelly

Re: Good & cheap products (on a budget)

Ditto everyone else! Also at that age, your hormones and body chemistry is changing A LOT so I day don't put anything on that will blanket your face (foundation) especially since you have normal skin. 


Also honestly, I didn't start wearing make up til I was 23. Now I'm a college grad and still won't spend 30-40 on make up. I would hop around this forum and check to see what kind of deals are out there and check the sale section.  


Tarte has a bronzer that's been going in and out of sale, $10, good for medium skin tone. 


I honestly don't like pencil liners, I'm in love with gel liner cause you get more bang for your buck and cause I'm lazy and hate sharpening pencils. 


Mascara-there are really good cheap ones out there that do the same thing, look at drugstore ones. 


Blush- I don't know why but I don't wear blush during the summer. I think it's because my skin tone is getting darker so I don't match the colors as well so I stick to my Bronzer. 


Luminizer- I have a friend who swears by the elf facial whip products. i don't wear it myself. 


eye shadow- Lorac pro. I've been recommended that many times, if not, urban decay naked basics and for color, I would get a coastal scents 88 or 120 palette. 


this is from my experience of having to rebuy/replace all my products due to a house fire. Hopefully the advice is useful

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I agree- inexpensive mascara (or get the samples at sephora events/promo codes). For something you have to toss every 4 months, it isn't worth it to spend $20-$30 on mascara at 14.


Check out EmilyNoel83 on Facebook. she has a lot of high end dupes that are nice.


Sephora has a bronzer on sale for $6.99, it is Sephora brand.  NYC Sunny is an awesome bronzer that works really well- you can find it at Walmart for $3.


Black Eyeliner- I would prob stay away from this because you are in your early teens (it can look Goth at your age, that is just my opinion and people may disagree which is fine).


Blush- I am in LOVE with the Sephora MicroSmooth Duo Blushes!  Also if you want a few different colors ELF blushes are nice but dont last as long.  If you prefer cream blush- Urban Decay is having a huge sale on their website and selling AfterGlow for $6 each. Great deal.


Eyeshadow palette- I bought a huge 78 color NYX palette at TJMaxx for $12. I would recommend this or a Sephora palette on sale (there are palettes for $9 in the sale section - one for blue eyes and one for green).


ELF has a highlighter for $1 that is nice- it's elf lilac petal. I found it at Target.


Brushes- Real Techniques are great (can get at ULTA) or ECO tools. I also love/use ELF brushes. 


Unless you have a lot of acne I would probably stay away from foundation. Tinted Moisturizer is def more age appropriate, and would let your young skin shine though!  For the few pimples you have, conceal them with a concealer and then a light covering of a tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it. ??


Remember to wash your face and moisturize every morning and night. This is so important!


To learn more about how to apply makeup I would recommend youtube.  


Re: Good & cheap products (on a budget)

I agree 100% with veritabelle Smiley Happy I personally never wore any kind of makeup until I was over 25... and only started because I noticed the area under my eyes starting to seem dark. Plus, once you start wearing makeup it becomes such a hard habit to break lol Smiley Happy  The advice I wish someone would have given me in my teens is to moisturize daily, and these days a good sunscreen is a must. I could suggest some awesome products for aging skin (the ones I use) but hopefully someone in your age group will have some better suggestions for you... good luck Smiley Happy

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Honey!!!  You are 14!  Rock your youth without all the makeup!  You only look young once, and don't waste it with products.  


I agree with the girl before, due to your age use multi tasking products like Nars the Multiple.  That way you can highlight your cheeks, give your lips some color, and dab some brightness on your lids without changing your natural beauty.  Go ahead and buy a good, but cheap, mascara (all Clinique's will fit the bill or Cover Girl's VolumeLuxe-orange tube) and a great lip gloss.  I think every teenage girl should use a concealor (pimples, hello!?) but only on the problems areas.  


If you love to play with color- splurge on lipsticks, but not products to layer on your skin.  


Remember- Youth is wasted on the young!  Flaunt your natural beauty while you have it!

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I think I will try the Nars multiple. I really don't want to suffocate my skin. Your comment totally helped. Thanks so much! xoxo, Kelly

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For bronzed, I like the NARS multiple. It's a good value because it can be used on lips and eyes as well as face. try it in store to find the right color for you. 

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