Foundation Poll: MUFE or YSL?

I've used Make Up For Ever HD liquid foundation in 125 for over two years and have never had a complaint about it. Recently through an online purchase I got a sample of the YSL illuminating foundation in Beige 30 and have some mixed feelings about it. After application I immediately thought it's illuminating, smooth, and good coverage, but it also did feel heavier than MUFE and I'm not sure if the Beige 30 was a little too light and maybe thats why I felt like it was heavier. I'm going to make a purchase today so HELP! I'm in much need of insider opinions esp for those who've experienced with both MUFE&YSL. Thnx! 




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I am voting for Yves Saint Laurent because they have a foundation that matches my complexion (Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19 in Beige D'Or 40.) MUFE, unfortunately, does not. Their foundations are mostly either too yellow or too pink for me. (Mostly too yellow.) Plus, I'm a huge fan of Touche Eclat. It's awesome! Still, I'm sure MUFE makes really good quality makeup, based on rave reviews and how much a lot of people love it.


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Hi sty7es, 


It's possible the shade for you was  bit too light which is why you may have felt you had to add more product, or just were not used to it. I always notice a difference when I try different foundation formulations that my skin may not be used to.  You may even want to try Beige 40 which is a step up and has slightly more golden yellow tones to it. 


Try to visit your local store and see which foundation shade you like best, you can get another sample to try for a few more days as well!





Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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