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Ok I am new to this site and I am pretty modest when it comes to spending money on my make-up products. I have pretty sensative skin also. I get just a few breakouts every now and then but for the most part have pretty smooth skin. I have noticed over the past few weeks and months that my face is getting more spots on it and like my pores are needing a deep cleaning. Also I have some age lines, but I am only 33.


Do not fall over with shock on the next part I tell you. I just use Revlon make up products and my face cleanser is revlon also.


Can you suggest something that I should be using to help get some of these darker spots away, clear up my pores and something for wrinkles and aging?



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Hi peanutrachel,


Welcome to our community! I would recommend trying Bliss' The Youth As We Know It Starter Kit, which has everything you need to battle visible signs of aging. What I love most about kits like this is the fact that they're not only a great deal but are also an excellent way to test out a number of products from a specific line. The Youth As We Know It comes with: Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Night Cream, Moisture Lotion (for the day), and a cleanser. 


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Clarins' On-The-Spot Brightening Corrector is a brightening rollerball specifically designed to fade noticeable dark spots. The secret behind this formula is extracts from sea lily and alchemilla. I would suggest applying this brightener once a day (during the evenings is my ideal time for most skin treatments) before applying your evening cream. 


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Whimsically yours,

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I am by no means a beauty expert. But I thought I should tell you about some products I have purchased and read about that help with the issues you are talking about.


The first one is to help with anti aging and wrinkles. I am a firm believer in retinol. I recently purchased ROC retinol for sensitive skin. You can purchase this item at your local wal mart. I also bought ROC retinol for under the eyes which will help fade crows feet, puffiness and over time fade dark circles. I would also recommend Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM.


I don't have any dark spots, but I have read on the allure website that a drugstore brand called Ambi has a cream that works well for dark spots and another option is clinique even better dark spot corrector.


Finally I recommend Kate Exfolikate acne clearing exfoliating treatment for your clogged pores.


I really hope these suggestions help you!

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I've used Murad products for pores and spot lightening, and the eye cream and face lotion I received as deluxe samples I plan to purchase soon...I also use a BB cream, but that's after cleaning and before makeup. They have primer for evening out ur complexion, and anti aging ingredients, and SPF so it's an all in one product...but colors may be hard to match depending on ur skin tone....some bc cream lines have more color options than others. A tinted moisturizer may be another option to cover up spots and unevenness under foundation, but use a primer first. Hope this helps!

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a BB cream, but an asian one!

try Skin79 or Missha

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