Dry shampoo for dark hair

I am trying to reduce the number of washings my hair goes through.  I find that it is dryer than when I was younger.  Unfortunately, many dry shampoos I have tried leave a residue that is easily visible in my dark (I'm Korean) hair.  When my hair gets oily, it becomes limp and loses its volume.  Something with a nice scent would be a plus - Any recommendations or even routines?

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Hi Kimchikween-


Try using a clarifying shampoo every few days to remove product build up and oil. You will notice that your hair will be easier to style. Product build up and oil can cause hair to lack volume.




For dry shampoo, I highly suggest the Bumble and Bumble

Brown Hair Powder.


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<3 Melissa
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I've wanted to try a clarifying shampoo purely because my hair is so oily. I personally feel like it's too oily to even go a day without washing. I've tried to suck it up and just deal with it but it stinks because I feel like my hair looks super greasy and gross. I've also heard that too much clarifying shampoo can strip too much from your hair. Is that true?
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