Do the Kate Somerville Somerville 360° ™ Tanning Towelettes leave behind that fake tan smell?


Just wondering if the Kate Somerville Somerville 360° ™ Tanning Towelettes leave your skin with that spray tan smell? I was wanting to get them but I hate walking around with smell trailing behind me.  :<

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Hi Kbky,


That is a great question! I actually love these because, do not have any self tanner scent to them. It dries quickly and has a fresh smell. I agree with you that sometimes the self tanning smell can be overwhelming. You will not regret purchasing these! The color is also great, very natural looking and it has no orange tones.


Kate Somerville - Golden Glow Kit


<3 Melissa
Thank you so much for the quick reply!! I'm going to Sephora after work to get these. You convinced me ;] <3
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Yay! I have tried lots of self tanners and I LOVE the color that this one givesSmiley Happy I hope that you will like them too.
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