Do I curl my lashes and put mascara and eyeliner on before I put false eyelashes on ?

I'm very unsure about how to deal with false eyelashes, but I really want to start wearing them. I even bought a small tool that helps to put them into place but I still haven't got the hang of it. Maybe I should just practice, but want more info from the experts. I watched a video, but it was incomplete. Thank you for your help.

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Hi!  I think it is easier for me personally to curl my lashes, place the false lashes on, and then apply mascara to join both my lashes and the false lashes together.  I like to apply a dot of glue on my hand (I like duo eyelash glue the best) then run the lash through the dot so the glue is evenly distributed, apply an extra dot of glue onto the corners of the lash, and place it as close to the lashes as you can.  I like to go over the base of the falsies with a liquid liner to keep it anchored down.  Hope this helps!

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Hi Tooshortandsassy.  It takes practice, so don't feel discouraged. First make sure that the false lash fits your eye.  Sometimes they are long and you might have to trim it a bit.  I like to do a fine line of eyeliner before applying false eyelashes. Then use a toothpick to distribute a light amount of the glue on the false lash. Place the false lash at the base of your eyelash, press down and make sure to get the corners. I like to curl after the lash has already set, just do it very gently.

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