Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

I just recently started using the Laura Mercier secret concealer which was recommended to me by an associate at Sephora.  I've noticed that over the course of the day it starts to settle into the lines under my eyes and it makes it look like I have wrinkles!  My usual undereye routine is: moisturizer, eye cream, laura mercier concealer.  Today I used a primer before the concealer (I only had UDPP so I just figured what the heck and tried it) and then I used a light powder (Bare Minerals Mineral Veil) after applying the concealer.  It only mildly helped the situation.  I'm still seeing the product settling into my lines even though I blend it pretty well (by dabbing lightly with my ring finger).  What can I do to prevent this from happening?  Any tips are much appreciated.

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

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You can choose  moisturizing concealer such as the Dior nude hydrating concealer, or the Shisheido natural creamy concealer. Also make sure your eye cream is super moisturizing.A great eye cream also is the Murad Dynamic moisturizing eye cream. Hope this helps!

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

Have you tried Korres' Quercetin eye cream?  I used to use Origins Starting Over with Mimosa and really liked it, but I LOVE Korres' cream.  Very lightweight!  


As for concealor, I find that when I allow it to dry a tad and then immediately put on powder underneath, I don't have any more creasing.  A light hand/amount, of course, is key, but allowing the product to dry creates a dry surface for the powder to set to.  Just like setting a foundation!

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

Are you drinking enough water?  My eyes and skin looks pretty bad if I don't have enough water and too much caffine and as a result, nothing I put on top of it looks right...good product or not.

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

I'm actually using the Origins Gin Zing cream.  I like it but maybe it's not hydrating enough for my undereye area?

So basically I need to purchase another concealer to use as a primer/base and then apply the Laura Mercier?  Is it possible that the Laura Mercier concealer is not the right product for me?  It seems like a lot of products are needed in order to make the Laura Mercier the right fit for my skin.

I have very dark hereditary undereye circles and the secret concealer works but it definitely doesn't get rid of them completely.  If you know of another undereye concealer that would be effective at concealing dark circles as well as more hydrating, please share!  Thank you for your advice!

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

You just might want to try something slightly heavier in coverage and creamier both in concealer AND eye cream.


Origins Eye Doctor is amazing for hydration to the eye area plus its lightweight and absorbs easily into and onto the skin:




Have you looked at the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit? Or maybe even the Benefit Erase Paste? The peach base of the Erase Paste is great for darkness around the eyes and its so creamy and emollient it keeps the eyes a bit smoother as well. 


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Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Dark undereye circle issues and concealer creasing. Please help!

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Hi NikkiShops, 


What are you using for an eye treatment? A good lightweight moisturizer will help to keep your eye area hydrated and in turn will allow your concealer to go on smoother with less creasing. I love the Origins Gin Zing which has light reflecting particles to brighten the eye area, and also the Murad Essential C Eye Cream which is amazing to brighten and plump the skin:





I also try to warm products up on my hand/fingers a bit before applying them, this helps them to go on smoother and get a bit more emollient.


Try using a concealer primer that will help to keep the concealer on smoother, or try a non creasing concealer, one that is more hydrating that you can use as a base.


Benefit Stay Don't Stray



Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (my new favorite!)



Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up (another favorite for a light non creasing finish) 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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