DRY mascara brands?

I've easily tried 20-30 different types of mascara over the past few years, and have yet to find a single formula suited to my straight, short lashes. I have to curl my eyelashes--otherwise, they stick straight-down. With non-waterproof formulas, my lashes uncurl in less than an hour, and I can't build volume. Trust me--straight lashes WITH mascara is worse than straight lashes WITHOUT mascara.


I've found a few extra-strength waterproof formulas that hold curls, but they tend to be very clumpy, thick, and make my lashes brittle--I avoid using them. BUT, I once tried a sample of mascara with a formula that wasn't super wet--it was almost dry. It was subtle but buildable, and held a curl MUCH longer than a wet mascara would on me. It was a sample my sister received, and I never got the name of it.


So my question is, do you know of any mascaras with dryer formulas? Because after trying all these supposed miracle mascaras, I think a drier formula is my best option.

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Hi Paintyourtarget,


Check out  Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Effect Extension Mascara



The formula is drier to to its wax base. Its also quick drying (to hold freshly curled lashes in place) and has elasticity (to prevent the brittle lash you mentioned).


The shape of the brush will allow you to really work the mascara into you lashes to build vulome and length Smiley Happy




<3 Julianna

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