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Cream Foundation and/or Universal Brush

Pro Visionary Modeling Foundation Brush #111




Cover FX Brush


I need a brush that will work with cream foundation and I am torn between the Sephora one and the Cover FX Cream Foundation brush.


How do the 2 compare?


I figure the Cover FX one will work with their cream foundation well (which is the one I am fixing to get) but it would be nice to have a more "universal" brush that will work with liquid foundation, which is normally what I get but apply with a sponge.


So how do the 2 compare? Can I get the Sephora one and expect the same level of application and look as with the Cover FX one?


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Hi Maria88 Both are great brushes, but I would say the Modeling Foundation Brush #111 would be a little more versatile if you want to use with other formulas.  With the Cover FX Cream Foundation, make sure you start out with a small amount as it is very condensed.

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Now would I still get the same "airbrushed" looked with the Sephora brush as with the Cover FX one?

I'm looking to start up a nice brush set where if I apply my makeup it looks nice and smooth.
Hi Maria88,

Yes, both brushes are great for that 'airbrushed' look. They easily buff out foundations and cream formulas evenly. Like Keely said, start off with a small amount first because, it will be easier to buff out the product.
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