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Cream Foundation and/or Universal Brush

Pro Visionary Modeling Foundation Brush #111




Cover FX Brush


I need a brush that will work with cream foundation and I am torn between the Sephora one and the Cover FX Cream Foundation brush.


How do the 2 compare?


I figure the Cover FX one will work with their cream foundation well (which is the one I am fixing to get) but it would be nice to have a more "universal" brush that will work with liquid foundation, which is normally what I get but apply with a sponge.


So how do the 2 compare? Can I get the Sephora one and expect the same level of application and look as with the Cover FX one?


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Hi Maria88 Both are great brushes, but I would say the Modeling Foundation Brush #111 would be a little more versatile if you want to use with other formulas.  With the Cover FX Cream Foundation, make sure you start out with a small amount as it is very condensed.

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