Correct age for using a serum

Hi! Just wanted to ask when is the age to start including serum in my skincare routine?

Re: Correct age for using a serum

Hi Kohlynn,


I could not agree more. The correct serum is based on your skin type and concern. Tell us a bit more about your skin and your concerns so that we can pick out what we think will be the most beneficial.

<3 Melissa

Re: Correct age for using a serum

Placaminero is right in the sense there's not some set in stone or "correct/incorrect" age for using a serum.


Serums are available in a wide array of formulas to treat many different issues and concerns. They are beneficial to treating skin because they contain a higher percentage or more concentrated level of active ingredients to address skin woes compared to using a fortified face wash or moisturizer alone.


What or is there any matter you're looking to target in particular? Let us know so we can give some specific recommendations to look into!

Re: Correct age for using a serum

There's not really a correct age for serum.. But it really depends on what kind of treatment you're looking for?

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