Concealer troubles...once again

So I recently purchased Laura Merciers secret camoflauge concealer in sc-2 . And im not sure how to mix the colors, like should i put the pinkish color on first and then the lighter color? Idk whatever combo i do my dark circles are still noticeable. Should I just take this product back and go back to my amazing cosmetics concealer? Oh and maybe it's the brush I am using i've been using the sephora professional collection airbrush concealer #57. I just really need some help I am getting super frustrated :/ ..Thank you for all your suggestions in advance!

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When I use color products that have to be mixed to obtain the right shade, I put both colors on the back of my hand and mix them together, then apply the resulting mix to my face. The warmth of my hand skin makes the 2 shades mix better and I can see if I need to add more or less of one color to achieve the desired shade. I think if you try to do one color, then the other on top, on your face, it is unlikely that you would get the result to mix properly, and especially if you needed to add more of one shade than the other, it is really unlikely that you would get the proportions right on the first try!


Hope this helps!

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