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What is the best concealer to help cover up veins under the eye???

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I have really dark circles under my eyes and I have found Erase Paste, Lemon Aid and Boi ing by Benefit to be a great combo.  The first time I used these I was complimented several times by co workers that I looked refreshed and well rested. Finally!  You don't have to use much and it really goes a long way but definitely does the trick Smiley Wink

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Hi there,


When on the hunt for the perfect concealer try selecting shades that have a more "peachy" tint to them.


If your skin is fair to light, opt for a porcelain peach


If your skin is light-medium try a "true peach"


for darker skin tones a "orange" tinted concealer really helps.


The idea behind using a peachy concealer is they help to neutralize purple and blue, often the colors that are associated with veins.


You still want the overall finish to appear natural so here are a few of my personal favorites that I use not only on myself but my friends and clients.


Laura Mercier

Secret Concealer

These come in 6 shades all with a built in Peachy neutralizer




Bobby Brown's

Creamy Concealer

this one also comes with a pressed powder that is finely milled so it helps to set your concealer.


Try these and I'm sure your bound to fall in love.







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I have dark circles under my eyes too and I just discovered Time Balm which I absolutely LOVE.  It covers my dark circles and stays put all day.  I think I may have written a review about it as well.  I am an attorney so I sometimes get to work at 7 a.m. and get home after 8 p.m. and it is nice to look in the mirror when I get home and see that I look just as good as I did when I left for the day! 

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Hi billboo3.  I recommend the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer.  This concealer is not only sweatproof, but is also really emollient so it glides effortlessly without tugging at your skin when applied.  It comes in a wide range of shades and is full coverage.  I also recommend setting it with a translucent powder such as the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder.  This will prevent it from creasing and will also make this last all day.






I hope this helps!







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