Concealer/Corrector for Eliminating Yellow Tones?
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So I know that there are a ton of concealers and correctors that eliminate dark circles and redness, be they peach or green tones, but I have an awful yellow tone that circles my mouth and undereyes that is just highlighted when I use a concealer (which usually has yellow undertones). Is there a coloured corrector that I should be using in this area to contrast the yellow? Does such a thing exist? 

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Sure is!


There are lilac based concealers to help correct/neutralize extremely yellow or sallow tones and areas in skin, like with MUFE's Camouflage Cream Palette, which offers a multitude of shades including neutralizing colors such as green or purple.


Sephora used to make a concealer palette that had yellow, green, purple, and a flesh toned corrector, but I think they discontinued it.


You can also look into color correcting primers with a purple tint like ones from MUFE or Smashbox.

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