Cleanser and Moisturizer for Rosacea prone sensitive skin

Which would be the best cleanser and moisturizer for rosacea  prone skin - Origins mega mushroom or First Aid Beauty? I am 39 and needing an extra moisture boost.  I think I need to move to a cream cleanser possiblyI am also starting to see some dark patches on my skin and darkness under the eyes?  


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Aside from the rosacea, is your skin sensitized at all or does it feel normal and you just experience the redness/flushing from the rosacea?


Though the FAB and Origins lines are great, I think you can decipher between the two better by determining exact conditions or further issues your skin faces.


If you lean toward more botanical grade ingredients be it for personal or sensitivity reasons, opt for the Origins Mega Mushroom line, as it also lends a hand to anti-aging (check out their serum).


If you're main priority is moisture and combating the redness, go with FAB as they're formulas are packed with glycerin, aloe, and allatonin, which helps to soothe skin and hydrate.


Both lines have creamy, lotion like cleansers, but it appears the Origins one walks a better line for soothing skin and combating the signs of aging.


Are the dark patches you see solely located around your eyes or are they on other portions of your face? What eye cream are you currently using?

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