Choosing a foundation

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Okay so this question has probably been asked countless times but I am having difficulty locating it.


So the end of last summer/beginning fall I was in Sephora looking for a foundation, and one of the consultants matched me to Makeup For Ever Matte Velvet foundation in Vanilla (to me it looks very pale but then again I am a bit pale during fall and winter)...and I am assuming since she works there she should know what she's doing.


Anyway my veins are green so I have warm undertones and my skin has a yellowish tint to it so I am assuming it is on the olive side of things.


Now my question it, I have gotten really tan so far this summer, and obviously the previous shade is way too light for me; I was wondering should I stay with the yellow undertones of the first and pick the foundation in the shade Golden Beige?


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It depends, im light/light-med neutral to slightly yellow at the moment, when i do tan i turn more olive undertoned. But i would say if you have yellow undertones already then you can stick to a darker shade in the same category.


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Yes, your undertone doesn't change when you're tan or not. Only your skin tone should change.


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Hi Curliosophy! 


I think it depends on how much tanner you are. I recommend going into the store without any foundation on and getting matched in the store. I think getting matched in the store will be your best guarantee and getting the perfect foundation match! 

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