Can u have too much skin care product?

I have purchased a variety of skincare products and have samples, but I am not sure what and when to use each.

FAB Radience pads

Peter Roth Dragons blood

Clinque 7 day scrub

Origins start over moist

Origins Night a Mins

Origins Cheeks and Balance  

Origins Drink Up mask

Josie Maran Argon oil

Shiseido Eye cream

Bobbie Brown eye cream

Origins Ginzing eye cream


My skin is showing signs of aging, but not too bad for 51.


I have the lines/grooves in the forhead

the grooves starting beside my nose

very dark circles and dry so concealor can cake

some enlarged poors 


looking for better texture and a youthful glow.

the dark circles and the wrinkles on forhead are bothersome


I have been 

Washing with Cheeks and balance

using 7 day scrub every night

I apply Peter Roth at night.

One night I added the radience pad

then apply origns Night a min


In morning i wash with Cheeks and balance.  First time today I applied

Peter Roth dragons blood and then used starting over cream. added Ginzing cream to eyes

After that I smoothed the Oil and let it soak in before I applied make up.


Ive used the drink up mask maybe once a week.


too much...wrong stuff ????


Am I using what i need?


By the way I think the forhead wrinkles are dimished...but I dont know what from.



Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

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yup found it.


I was using Clique even better cream SPF 20 

and If casual day I am still using Smashbox BB Cream SPF35... But dont use it everyday so I will need to add something I suspect


Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

Wow lots of great information!   


First my skin is normal but leans more to dry than oily.


This is what I have as a take away.

1.  Manual exfoliation should not be everyday.  maybe 2x a week?


2 The FAB Rad pads are not right for me as I do not have an oily t zone or blemishes (didt even as a teenager)


3  Origns Cheeks and Balance is good.  

Night as stated, but dont like to skip washing my face in morning so it should be gentle enough there.


4. My Origns Ginzing is topical and if I want better results for Dark circles there are other options (Vitamin K)


5. Find SPF.  I had been using something with SPF..but I switched to Origins and didnt catch that it was something I was missing.


6  My forhead beleive it or not seems dryer than the rest of my face, so I want to  give the PTR some time as it 'seems' to be reducing the look of those  creases.  If not (cause it cost alot)  I will surely look into the PTR turbo.


Now the Argon oil I bought because a Sephora rep used it on me in my VIB 45 min make over.

First she used the Fresh Rose stuff...and then the Oil and some kind of eye cream  (forgot which one)

Then used a primer.

I do have a couple of those (nars I have had  and a sample of another brand.


I told her I was looking for that soft youthful glow.


Thanks all!!!



Re: Can u have too much skin care product?

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Well taken! :smileyhappy:


If your forehead is drym you can use the argan oil there too! Use it as an intensive boost to your moisturizer.


Re: Can u have too much skin care product?