Can't find a foundation that will stay put!

Ok so i'm getting married September of this year so i've been on the hunt for a foundation that will not only last the whole night but look great for photos. I don't have a lot of acne but I do have some redness so it needs to cover that as well.


Here's the thing i've tried the following with no luck:


Kat Von D Foundation - great coverage but wipes right off within an hour!


MUFE matte foundation - matte for like an hour and then wipes right off


And yes i've even used a primer under both of these. Whats crazy is I don't even really have super oily skin yet they both slide right off. I'm not sure if I need to be using a setting powder or spray or both? HALLLPPPP!!!

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What primer did you use with the KVD foundation?  I was told that her Elixir primer was formulated to work specifically with that foundation, so you might try that to see if it stays on better.  (Personally it was too heavy for me to want to buy, but when the MUA tried it on me it stayed on and covered my redness.)

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Ive tried both FLOWER and Hard Candy. I know they aren't real high end brands but they do great with my everyday make up but using it with the heavy duty foundation just doesn't work.

See I wondered about that. Like if it was supposed to work as a system (kinda like skin care products) but I noticed there wasnt any kind of KVD setting powder which I thought was odd. Its definitely heavy for everyday use but for pics I like that it covered every little imperfection. I wanna like the KVD foundation If I can just get it to stay. I'll try the primer though thanks!
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Ok so update for those who care.....I went back to the Sephora store and told the chick my problem and she gave a sample of the Cover FX setting powder and foundation. I don't love the foundation BUT I did decide to try the KVD foundation with the COVER FX setting powder and BOOM it stayed on not all but most of the day. So it seems setting powder is the way to go. I think i'm gonna get the MUFE HD setting powder since its specifically for photographing. Thanks for all the help! and thanks to the ladies at Sephora for putting up with me haha
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