I have been using bare minerals for the last 3 years now. Whether I put foundation on under it or just the powder itself- for the first time ever it's starting to look cakey. I prime and moisterize too. What could be the problem?

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There could be a couple of things going on- You may need to clean your brush really well.  Try shampooing it with a brush shampoo and get any build-up out of the brush as this may be causing the cakey makeup look.


Next, are you using any new skincare products?  Maybe something with AHA?  This could be causing the minerals to break up on the skin making it look cakey.


Be sure to let your moisturizer absorb into the skin before applying your primer and use only a small amount of primer.  Are you using the same primer as before?  I find that Prime Time works great as well as Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.


Your skin could be changing too- You may want to experiment with a different mineral for a while and see if there are any changes.  The Korres Wild Rose Mineral powders are great too.


I hope that helps and gives you a solution!


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Hi karbear24.  There are many reasons why your makeup could be looking cakey.  Here are some things you could try to prevent it from looking cakey:


  • Exfoliate at least once a week so your skin is smooth and ready for your moisturizer and primer. On the plus side, your moisturizer will become more effective since it will penetrate deeper into your skins layers.
  • When you apply your moisturizer, massage it in circular motions and wait about 2-3 minutes before applying your foundation primer. 
  • When you've applied your foundation primer also wait about 2-3 minutes before applying your foundation so it doesn't stick to the primer and ball up.
  • Lastly, but not least try to clean your makeup brushes at least once or twice a week (depending on how often you wear and apply foundation).

I hope these steps help!






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