Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

Hi ladies, I had a makeup trial for my wedding, and it didn't went as well as I expected. The picture was taken just a few minutes after the MUA had finished.  Let me tell you:


1- My foundation set into fine lines a LOT... and Im just 25!! Do you know if there is any special product that I can use to avoid this to happen on my big day? 


2. My makeup didn't last... neither the eyeshadows or the foundation lasted more than 4 hours. Of course a wedding last a LOT more than that, so I ask you to please help me with products what will make my makeup last longer.


I have combination skin and rosacea. Very oily nose, and the rest is very dry Smiley Sad PLEASE HELP!!! 



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Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

I will book a new trial with someone that my photograper recommend me, and I hope it goes better! I will for sure bring my products this time! Next week I will go to a departament store to look at some foundations, and in December I will go to Miami and direct to sephora (Here in Chile we don't have sephora it sucks!!!) to ask for a good foundation and see how it goes, luckily my wedding is in February so I have time in my favor, I just want to find what works best!!!


thank you so much for everything and I will keep you posted! I will make some photos with other foundations so you guys can help me out !!!!!! THANK YOUUUU Smiley Happy



Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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Even though this trial wasn't a success, I feel you are certainly on the right track in terms of approaching things. Smiley Happy


Best of luck and from the sounds of it, you should be on your way to having this handled properly! 

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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I got airbrush make up for my wedding and it was amazing and lasted all day long.  This was before I even wore make up so I had nothing really to compare it to, but someone gifted it to me and it was incredible.

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

Sad to say…but when I look back at my wedding photos from many years ago I wish I'd worn a different lipstick.  It was so pretty in real life but not so picture friendly.  So, I'd focus first on what looks good in pictures.  

Your foundation definitely didn't work for the photo.  As others said, it's about the base and finding the right foundation.  Exfoliate then use a foundation primer.  I like Smashbox or Hourglass.  Armani also advertises their CC cream as a base and it's gorgeous.

I also do videos and can tell a huge difference in how I look based on foundation.  I don't like Kat Von D's foundation in person…the coverage is too heavy.  It's perfect for pictures.  For a more natural look that still photographs well (if you aren't as shallow as me…but remember…years from now all you'll have left is the pictures) Armani and Urban Decay are ones I use but their are others.

Then use an eyeshadow base to make the makeup last (Urban Decay is the longest lasting).  Urban Decay and Model in a Bottle have products that set your makeup.

In the photo you look like you're going for a natural look.  But the blush is too orange and the lip too sheer (the former for your skin tone and the latter for long wear).  I don't like reds for a wedding because you're kissing too many people and they can wear unevenly.  I'd play up your eyes a little more so you don't need to worry about fading lips (and keep a nude gloss tucked somewhere so you can add a little shine without a mirror.

Have someone else do a look…and take all the tips you got here.


Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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Thank you so much!!!! Those are great tips!! I didn't like the look that much, it was different from what I wanted, that is why Im looking for another MUA. I really want something that is between the both worlds, pretty in person but amazing for photos!  I also have the Urban Decay's setting spray and the eyeshadow primer, so I will bring both with me for the next trial. Would you recommend me another foundation that looks good in photos? I will try anything by this point! My wedding is in summer (I live in Chile) so I need something that is not only long lasting but also sweatproof if it exists!!


I will write down the orange look and too sheer lipstick! Thanks!!!

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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from reading below, im really surprised that she didn't use a primer on you for either your face or eyes


Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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Hi camilamies, 


I am sorry that the makeup trial did not go as well as you would have liked. Did the makeup artist use a primer under the foundation? A primer can really help smooth the skin and help prevent the makeup from settling into any fine lines. I know you said you are going to try a new makeup artist. Before your next makeup trial, make sure you exfoliate your skin and use a good facial moisturizer and eye cream. Also, ask the makeup artist to use a primer. Prepping your skin before the makeup application is a very crucial aspect of having a flawless face the day of your wedding. Smiley Happy Good luck!

<3, Randee

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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Smashbox has a color correcting primer that you can look into. I'd suggest a really good primer and a good setting spray for your big day! Do you like the look? I think you look very pretty! 

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

I like this look a lot but I can relate to your concerns. I don't wear foundation much so others will come up with specific recommendations. But you're way too young to have to deal with foundation setting into lines IMHO. I think perhaps the particular foundation is too emollient or just too heavy. Not sure. It's a really good idea that you did a test run first! I made the mistake of doing my own years ago when I got married, plus it was blue eyeshadow to boot (yikes!) so if I had to do it over again, I'd definitely go to a MUA. I think if you get the proper foundation (and maybe a primer--let's see what people recommend) and powder, etc. then it will be flawless in application. The eyes and lips and cheek colors look fine to me.

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

Thank you!!! I will search a foundation that doesnt set into my fine lines and bring it with me to another trial !!

and see wich primer people here recommend me Smiley Happy

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

I hate to say it, but not all trials go off without a hitch, but you were smart to book a trial before your big day to test the waters before making a make up commitment.


I recall your previous wedding make up inquiry where I chimed in:


Now, with not being pleased with results, you have a few options on the table. 


A) If you liked the artist and the actual look (not the wear or the resulting aftermath, but more so the colors of shadow, placement of product, etc.) then you can always book another trial with the same artist but share your experiences and ask if there's any other products or techniques she can use to go about recreating the look but not run into the issues of the make up settling into lines or fading quickly.


B) Book with another artist entirely


Though not all artists will divulge the products used on you, it wouldn't hurt to ask. It also wouldn't hurt to ask if they have ever had clients who ended up having the same issues you've run into and if there's anything they can do or know to go about fixing it. Since we weren't at the trial with you, there's no way we can tell whether the artist did/didn't use primer, what type of foundation they used to consider whether or not it may have worked with your skin type, or other factors.



Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

Thank you so much!! I will book with another artist entirely and see how it goes. This one didn't use any primer as I recall, and also didn't use any eyeshadow primer. I always use urban decay's eyeshadow primer and works really well on me.


I would really like to know if the "foundation settin into fine lines" is a problem that has do to with the type of foundation??  when I do my own makeup I also have that problem, I use MUFA HD and Hourglass Inmacullate, so Im wondering how to solve this Smiley Sad Maybe I need a primer or concelear that is specific for this problem?

Thank you for your time Smiley Happy!!

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

You may want to go over key components you want covered, don't be afraid to have interviews or a strong channel of communication built with an artist prior to any make up touching your skin.


Whenever clients book with me, I personally go over things just to give peace of mind and so they know what they're getting into. 


Perhaps the artist you initially had the trial with isn't familiar with primers and never thought them to be of any requirement for them. 


It's possible that the foundation settling could come from any of the below reasons:

-Skin wasn't properly prepped via skin care prior (if skin is dry before hand it'll want to pull all the moisture content from make up and thus leave a formula being/appearing a bit caked on)

-No primer/wrong type of primer was used

-Foundation formulation was too heavy or just too much product was applied in a particular area


Feel free to mention to the next artist you book what products you currently use and how you notice what a difference they make, for example, specifically the UD eye shadow primer. Rather than risk bad-mouthing the first artist, opt instead to share something along the lines of, "I have and use the UD eye shadow primer and I notice a huge difference when no eye shadow primer is used, have you tried it or do you use any primers?" This way you can get a feel back for how the new artist operates and share a component that is important to you.


The area around the eyes can be tricky, especially with laughing, smiling, frowning, and general expressions the face is never at a stand still so these movements can play into how make up wears and sits. If you don't already use a primer, I would suggest giving one a shot. In your first bridal foundation thread I suggested the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in the green tint to help neutralize/tone down some of the redness in your skin but the formula also contains silicone/dimethicone to smooth textural issues and aids in tackling the oily spots you have. If you're wanting to explore more primer options and want to learn about the types available and how they cater to certain concerns or skin types, check out the below thread:


Also, from your initial thread you don't appear to have any real issues in terms of discoloration to conceal underneath your eyes, so in terms of any product applied on this area you may want to have things thinned out so they're not so heavy. Since the eye area is delicate to begin with, packing on something heavy and exacerbate even minor issues and make them appear even worse, try a thinner textured concealer that's more liquid like rather than a thick cream. YSL's Touche Eclat, Smashbox's High Definition Concealer or Camera Ready Eye BB, or Dior's HydraLife Eye BB would make wonderful lightweight options for the undereye area and help to perk up this area as well.


Try to not overapply powder in this area as well, a fan brush (covered in your first foundation/bridal thread) works wonderfully to apply a light sweep of setting powder without making the eye area look dried out or too chalky with product. 

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

Thank you again so much!! I will try with my own foundation to see if they look better than the one that was used on me. I live in Chile and I havent found a MUA that use too many makeup brands besides MAC- Kryolan and MUFA, but I wil search my own foundation so I know it works for me. I have YSL's Touche Eclat, so I will see how it goes and maybe upload a photo Smiley Happy and of course I will write all your tips down so the next time goes better!!


Thank you!!

Re: Bridal makeup trial gone wrong... HELP!!!

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You're welcome, Camila! Feel free to mention that you have products in your current collection that you'd like for an artist to incorporate. For example, I've had clients who have a lip color of their own choosing and asked if I can use that particular shade on them and I've had no issues with that. Smiley Happy


Are you looking for artists through networking sites or recommendations? Or are you venturing to department or beauty stores and seeking reps or artists there? Consider expanding your search to open up more/new possibilities!

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