Breaking out, HELP!

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Wednesday I woke up with one red dot at the top of my forehead, right next to my hair line. Thursday there was a pimple and a scab. Friday it my entire forehead is breaking out, plus a few lower on my forehead, still near my hair line. I did not change any makeup, skin care or hair products. I went to sephora on Thursday, but only tried on a lip stick. I also went to lush and got a refill of the cleanser I use. Nothing new or different. 


I have very dry sensitive skin. I have a very solid skin regime. I cleanse and moisturizer every day, twice a day without fail.  I occasionally will get a pimple. But one, maybe two at the same time is the most. Nothing like this! I can't understand it. I can't get in to see my dermatologist until the end of the month. I need help! What can I do!? 





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Could something be going on hormonally or are you unusually stressed out about something? Now that it's Sunday, is it still getting worse? Any new medications?


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I agree with other post: Weather could have made you sweat a bit more than you have been.  Breakouts at the hairline are usually attributed to hair products, sweating, and/or Makeup left behind and not thoroughly cleaned off daily.  This, too, shall pass!


Re: Breaking out, HELP!

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i was thinking hair product or touching that area of your face more.  Are you wearing a headband?


Re: Breaking out, HELP!

How much has the weather changed where you live? Has it been humid out? Are you drinking enough water? Has your diet changed at all?

All of those play a part in how your skin looks/reacts.  


I don't know what skincare you use, but I really like the Ole Henriksen line. 

Here are a couple links to some of the products I really like and that might help:

Walnut complexion scrub:



Blue/black berry enzyme mask:


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